Terms of delivery

  • Orders are accepted and executed Monday-Saturday from 8.00 to 19.00 and on Sunday from 8.00 to 17.00.
  • Lead time up to 4 hours after payment.
  • When ordering, you must correctly indicate the address, telephone number, recipient's contact details and delivery time.

Cost of delivery

  • Delivery within the city of Rezekne - 7,00 EUR
  • Delivery in Latgale - 15,00 EUR

Information about delivery

We will make every effort to ensure that the flowers you have chosen are delivered on time, but sometimes the delivery time may change if the delivery address is inaccurate, if the recipient of the flowers is not at the specified address or indicated a different place and time of receipt.

We will clarify these details and your flowers will certainly reach the recipient.

If, nevertheless, at the specified time of delivery, the recipient is not at the specified address, flowers can be left with neighbors at the place of residence or with colleagues at work.

Due to the large amount of work for the timely delivery of flowers on February 14, March 8 or on Mother's Day, the order must be placed in advance 2-3 days before the specified date, otherwise the flowers may be delivered the next day after the holiday.

Each flower arrangement is unique and unrepeatable. It may differ slightly from the image in some elements, packaging material.

Our florists do everything to ensure that the composition you like corresponds to the sample, but sometimes we can change the type of flowers based on the season, as well as their availability in the warehouse at the moment, having necessarily agreed with the customer.

If, for some reason, the customer does not get in touch, we will replace the product without notice in order to deliver the order on time.

The final order execution may differ slightly from the photograph.

Our florists always fulfill your orders from fresh and high quality flowers, but we cannot be responsible for the care and preservation of flowers after delivery to the addressee.

If the quality of the flowers does not suit the recipient, he has the right to ascertain poor-quality goods or damage to the goods in the presence of the courier and immediately inform us about this, in this case, at the request of the customer, we will either replace the flowers free of charge or refund the money to the customer.

List of all delivery points in Latgale

  • Aglonas novads - Aglonas pagasts,Grāveru pagasts, Kastuļinas pagasts, Šķeltovas pagasts
  • Baltinavas novads
  • Balvu novads - Balvi, Balvu pagasts, Bērzkalnes pagasts, Bērzpils pagasts, Briežuciema pagasts, Krišjāņu pagasts, Kubulu pagasts, Lazdulejas pagasts, Tilžas pagasts, Vectilžas pagasts, Vīksnas pagasts
  • Ciblas novads - Blontu pagasts, Ciblas pagasts, Līdumnieku pagasts, Pušmucovas pagasts, Zvirgzdenes pagasts
  • Daugavpils
  • Dagdas novads - Dagda, Andrupenes pagasts, Andzeļu pagasts, Asūnes pagasts, Bērziņu pagasts, Dagdas pagasts, Ezernieku pagasts, Konstantinovas pagasts, Ķepovas pagasts, Svariņu pagasts, Šķaunes pagasts
  • Daugavpils novads - Ambeļu pagasts, Biķernieku pagasts, Demenes pagasts, Dubnas pagasts, Kalkūnes pagasts, Kalupes pagasts, Laucesas pagasts, Līksnas pagasts, Maļinovas pagasts, Medumu pagasts, Naujenes pagasts, Nīcgales pagasts, Salienas pagasts, Skrudalienas pagasts, Sventes pagasts, Tabores pagasts, Vaboles pagasts, Vecsalienas pagasts, Višķu pagasts
  • Ilūkstes novads - Ilūkste, Subate, Bebrenes pagasts, Dvietes pagasts, Eglaines pagasts, Pilskalnes pagasts (Ilūkste), Prodes pagasts, Šēderes pagasts
  • Krāslavas novads - Krāslava, Aulejas pagasts, Indras pagasts, Izvaltas pagasts, Kalniešu pagasts, Kaplavas pagasts, Kombuļu pagasts, Krāslavas pagasts, Piedrujas pagasts, Robežnieku pagasts,Skaistas pagasts, Ūdrīšu pagasts,
  • Kārsavas novads - Kārsava, Goliševas pagasts, Malnavas pagasts, Mērdzenes pagasts, Mežvidu pagasts, Salnavas pagasts
  • Ludzas novads - Ludza, Briģu pagasts, Cirmas pagasts, Isnaudas pagasts, Istras pagasts, Nirzas pagasts, Ņukšu pagasts, Pildas pagasts, Pureņu pagasts, Rundēnu pagasts
  • Līvānu novads - Līvāni, Jersikas pagasts, Rožupes pagasts, Rudzātu pagasts, Sutru pagasts, Turku pagasts
  • Preiļu novads - Preiļi, Aizkalnes pagasts, Pelēču pagasts, Preiļu pagasts, Saunas pagasts
  • Riebiņu novads - Galēnu pagasts, Riebiņu pagasts, Rušonas pagasts, Silajāņu pagasts, Sīļukalna pagasts, Stabulnieku pagasts, Rugāju novads, Lazdukalna pagasts, Rugāju pagasts,
  • Rēzeknes novads - Rēzekne, Audriņu pagasts, Bērzgales pagasts, Čornajas pagasts, Dricānu pagasts, Feimaņu pagasts, Gaigalavas pagasts, Griškānu pagasts, Ilzeskalna pagasts, Kantinieku pagasts, Kaunatas pagasts, Lendžu pagasts, Lūznavas pagasts, Mākoņkalna pagasts, Maltas pagasts, Nagļu pagasts, Nautrēnu pagasts, Ozolaines pagasts, Ozolmuižas pagasts, Pušas pagasts, Rikavas pagasts, Sakstagala pagasts, Silmalas pagasts, Stoļerovas pagasts, Stružānu pagasts, Vērēmu pagasts
  • Viļakas novads - Viļaka, Kupravas pagasts, Medņevas pagasts, Susāju pagasts, Šķilbēnu pagasts, Vecumu pagasts, Žīguru pagasts
  • Viļānu novads - Viļāni, Dekšāres pagasts, Sokolku pagasts, Viļānu pagasts
  • Vārkavas novads - Rožkalnu pagasts, Upmalas pagasts, Vārkavas pagasts
  • Zilupes novads - Zilupe, Lauderu pagasts, Pasienes pagasts, Zaļesjes pagasts